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Envision a world… where reality is yours to keep: capture, preserve, and relive moments with unparalleled fidelity.

Our brand-new SceneCam 3 is redefining the game.
– Resolution: 72 Mpix, 288 Mpix and 1.152 Gpix
– Dynamic range: Up to 40 f-stops
– Capture time: 5-15 seconds
– Compact and lightweight
– Intuitive user experience

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This is not just a camera

SceneCam 3 is a precision measuring device.

It helps you beat deadlines.
Makes your team successful under pressure.
It is your infallible memory.
And it won’t ever let you down.

Some key facts about our SceneCam 3 in a nutshell:

Ultra-high resolution

Capture every detail in stunning sharpness with up to 1,152 Mpix raw data, ensuring precision from near to far.

Auto-adjusting, adaptive HDR

Embrace the full spectrum of light with ultra-high dynamic range, capturing full spherical scenes from complete darkness to bright light with up to 40 f-stops, fully adaptive and automated.

Rapid workflow / high-speed imaging

Effortlessly capture 1,152 Mpix spherical images in 10-15 seconds per shot, varying by settings, with even faster speeds at lower resolutions—optimizing your workflows without compromising on quality.

Advanced and precise 3D modeling

Leverage photogrammetry to create detailed, colorized 3D models, facilitating direct, high-precision measurements within the models, while bypassing the necessity for laser scanners. For wide-area projects, integrate seamlessly with Lidar systems by using our collimation spacers, blending high resolution imagery with Lidar data for unmatched accuracy and detail.

Intuitive user interface

Enjoy seamless captures with one-click simplicity and gestures inspired by smartphone ease. Enhance your creative workflow with intuitive on-camera touch controls and comprehensive remote app connectivity, ensuring a harmonious, fast and delightful user experience.

Robust data privacy and protection

Safeguard sensitive information through secure on-site processing and hardware encryption. Our tailored solutions are designed to align with your specific data access and protection needs, ensuring utmost confidentiality and compliance.

Automated and customizable metadata

Automatically capture selected information from various on-board chips and sensors and enrich your shots by adding additional custom metadata, ensuring comprehensive data management and personalized project insights.

On-site processing and review

Get rapid visual feedback with quick image processing and preview capabilities.

Travel-ready and compact design

Designed for mobility, our camera’s compact form and lightweight construction meet hand luggage regulations, ensuring you can easily take your entire setup anywhere. Ready when you are, it fits effortlessly into your travel plans.

Rugged and reliable

Engineered for endurance, SceneCam 3 comes with an IP-67 rating for exceptional water and dust resistance, ready for any environment from rainstorms to dusty trails. With its robust build, no moving parts, and internal storage for 400 highest-resolution images, it ensures performance and security without relying on cloud access.

Seamless connectivity and sensor options

SceneCam 3 redefines connectivity in imaging devices, featuring NFC, 4G/5G, WiFi, and Bluetooth for unparalleled communication flexibility. With USB3 Type-C for rapid data transfer, a built-in microphone for audio capture, and a gyroscope for precise orientation, every detail is seamlessly integrated. Enhanced with hardware encryption, SceneCam 3 ensures your data remains secure, making it the ultimate tool for professionals on the move.


Empower your workflows with the AI capabilities of the SceneCam 3 hardware platform. Utilize the Spheron API to enhance and run your AI models directly on the camera for streamlined content-based selection and intelligent processing of essential shots.

Advanced visual data management

SceneCenter integrates GIS/GPS data into a map-like dollhouse view, offering a perfect overview with precise photo locations and viewing angles. It enables dynamic, real-time collaboration and communication on projects, allowing teams to contribute simultaneously from any location. Customize your workflow by augmenting images with PDFs, annotations, and industry-specific terminology for a fully tailored experience that meets your project’s unique requirements.

Who We Are

How does our visual experience transform human interaction?

At Spheron, we’re passionate about finding out. Our mission is to relentlessly pursue a path of curiousity and innovation, and to be a driving force towards a truly immersive 3D experience and genuine virtuality. Our long-term collaborative connection to clients in the industry and our deep knowledge of their needs help us to create extraordinary bespoke solutions.

We are a team of dedicated scientists and visionaries, passionate pragmatics and playful perfectionists. Our customers appreciate us as technical connoisseurs with a dynamic start-up mentality.

Still, tenacity is our hallmark. In a world where rapid change is the only constant, we maintain a strong commitment to uncompromising quality. So we might boldly set aside anything that doesn’t rise to our exacting standards, only to then come up with something brilliant. As part of the XIMEA family, we enjoy the backing of a strong partner who encourages us to follow the quality path.

Since Spheron started exploring the vision of creating a digital panoramic camera 25 years ago, we have been pioneers in HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera technology, with a focus on high-resolution, full-spherical digital photography and visual content management software solutions.

Our Work

Dive into the heart of Spheron’s projects and offerings

spheron useCase

Virtual tour – Combat air museum

Architectural / CGI research

Commercial interior

Commercial exterior

Academic client: Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK

SceneCam 2.0 solution

SceneCam 2.0 closeup

SceneCenter forensic user interface


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